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Hello, Beauties,

What better way to give an opening to this blog than talking about Self-confidence.

I believe that being elegant starts with having self-confidence. Loving yourself, accepting every aspect of your life as it is, being your own unique self and not having to make excuses for it. So many girls and grown woman lack confidence nowadays, always trying to measure up the idea of perfection of those on tv’s or magazines, that by comparing themselves with that idea of perfection yet always coming short, and ending up stressed, depressed and just feeling like a failure all around.

Confidence is a work in progress… and there are such ways to make your life better. Having real Confidence starts with accepting every part of yourself, even while knowing that some aspects from your life need to improve.

When I was younger being confident as a woman came naturally to me, I have always liked and felt comfortable in my own skin, not really caring about others opinions. I didn’t realize that I was confident or what it meant until I met my now husband. I was 22 years old, and I remember a conversation we had a few weeks after meeting and he told me that one of the things that attracted him about me was that when I walked into the room I owned the place, and more importantly I didn’t apologize for who I was or what I wanted. 5 years later from that date, married and with a toddler,​ I got to say that things have changed and I am definitely more aware of how my life can affect my confidence.

So, What do I do to feel confident?
-I listen to music and I read, this relaxes me and keeps me happy. Reading is also a great way to learn, and as you learn you grow.
-I try to stay positive, even when I want to​ ​scream. I have come to realize that by acting in the heat of the moment can backfire on you.
-I have cut out all the negative people out of my life. As drastic as it seem it has work for me. Life is so short to spend your precious time with people who only bring drama and problems into your life.
-After some personal changes in our lives and becoming a mom my goals dramatically changed… I started to want different things out of life, and I have learned that making small goals at a time are more realistic to reach.
-I keep a healthy lifestyle and try to be as active as I can… I have noticed that when I eat healthy and exercise consistently, I feel better all around.
– I take the time to look put together everyday…. A few minutes a day can change the whole outlook of your day.
-Most importantly I accept who I am, how I look, I accept that I am not perfect and that in my life there is much room for improvement.

Being confident does not mean that you can act arrogant towards others or act as if you are better than those around you. Real confidence is seen by others, it shows the way you conduct yourself in the presence of others, the way you manage your life and more importantly on how you treat others.

Also,​ very important self-confidence starts with you and ends with you, no one can make up feel confident… You are in control of how you feel and your acceptance of your life.

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  1. You can definitely see your enthusiasm iin the work you write.
    The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as yoou who aren’t afraid
    to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

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