Beauty should not be defined as One size Fits all.


Hi Lovelies!

We live in a world where external beauty is praised above all. Everyone is trying to achieve a level of perfection using the perimeters in social media.

The idea of what’s beautiful lays with each different person and its not a one size fit all.

Sometimes I wonder when will we stop trying to achieve perfection and instead spend our time enjoying the things that makes us happy, like family, friends, hobbies and so on.

I have seen how guys are in their quest of achieving this perfect body that no matter how big they get they still push because they want more, never fully satisfied with the results. Some call it obsession; the guys themselves call it discipline. In my personal opinion, when you spend 100% of your time working out in the pursuit of your idea of perfection it is obsession. When it is Discipline, you realize that you must make time for all else in your life, hobbies, family, vacations etc.

Girls if you ever find a guy who is more in love with how he looks than with you, let him go, he will never give you what you need from him.

For girls is the same or worse, they feel like they need to compete with the girls in magazines who are extremely photoshopped and completely sexualized, it is impossible to live up to those standards. Girls, women end up developing confidence problems, bad eating habits and many end up very sick trying to achieve unhealthy looks.

Remember, beauty is so personal, its not only how you look but how you feel about yourself, how you express to others, how you treat others.

Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes, everyone has different preferences, and every culture has different ideas of what beauty should look like.

So don’t compare and try to compete with others. Instead look at yourself in the mirror and fall in love with yourself, and not only how you look but also who you are as a person. Try to better the person you see; not to achieve any set standards of perfection but to achieve a healthy way of life, a body that makes you feel confident and a mind that makes you feel at peace.

Your goal should always be to be confident, that shadows everything else.



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2 thoughts on “Beauty should not be defined as One size Fits all.

  1. Great article and I am trying to encourage others (as well as myself) to love what you see and stop comparing!! Much easier to say than do… I’d be interested if you have any tips on what has worked for you to gain self-esteem?

    1. its a mix of everything from how and where i grew up to my outlook in life. i just try to better myself everyday whether as a mom, as a friend, a wife or how i look. Let me see if i can do a recompilation of all I believe helps to feel good about yourself and create a post. 🙂

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