Steps to a healthy skin


Having healthy skin is the most important step in makeup application.

When you have good skin the makeup applies flawlessly and you get to use a lot less product and by doing this you prevent the makeup from looking caked up.

Steps that I take to have a healthy skin


– I Take care of your skin from inside out by Drinking A lot of water and eating healthy foods and avoiding fast foods.

– Every month i get a facial, they are not only pampering but leave your skin super clean and beautiful.


– I Use the Clarisonic every night this helps not only clean the skin but also it helps with the absorption of serums and moisturizers that are applied after.


– Use sunscreen Everyday under your makeup or by itself. this is such an important help, it helps to slow aging of the skin, sunspots and prevent some types of cancer.


– Take off your makeup before going to bed. This is so important yet this a step that many forget to take specially after a night out. Taking off the makeup helps prevent breakouts.


– Use different moisturizers and/or serums depending on the needs of your skin. My favorites are by Kate Somerville, or simply Rosehip oil.

images-2 drying-lotion

– If breakouts happen Kate Somerville and Mario Badescu have a drying lotion that can heal breakouts overnight.

Those are the steps I take to keep up a healthy skin. Hope you enjoyed this post!



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