Kayaking, my new hobby

I have fallen in love with kayaking!

A few weeks back my husband and I decided that we were going to try out something new, we picked kayaking.

I was so nervous to get in the kayak, this was something I had never done before and a hundred questions were floating in my head, yet as I suited up and climbed on board all the nervous thoughts fled.
As we started paddling the route and started enjoying the surroundings I started feeling such peace that I can only compare it to the calm feeling that you get when your doing yoga.

We spend a few hours on the water whether it was paddling or swimming, we got to spend some adult time together, we got to talk, reconnect and make plans for the future. I swear it felt like we were back to our dating times.

By the time we were returning the kayak, we had both enjoyed our time in the water so much that we were already talking about getting our own.

We have gone back a couple times more, yet I can wait till our kayaks arrive and we can take them out for a ride.

We have adopted this hobby and I can say that is a hobby that you can do as a couple or as a family as well.

Thank you for reading and let me know below, what hobbies do you share and do as a couple? Have you tried kayaking if so did you love it or hate it?


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6 thoughts on “ Kayaking, my new hobby

  1. I love kayaking too. My husband and I have been into it for years and now with two kids we are passing on the love to our kids that we have been taking on kayak camping trips since they were a few months old. Now they can’t wait for our camping vacations. One thing that has change are the kayaks lol no more singles for us. But it’s worth it enjoy your new hobby and try to do some camp trips you will love them! Great post!

    1. thank you so much, yes we have an almost 3 year old he can fit in sitting between my legs for now. I can’t honestly wait for our first kayak camping trip, i love the outdoors! again thanks for reading!

  2. My husband and I also picked up a love for kayaking together. The peace of being on the water is exactly how you described it.
    You only started a few weeks ago and already have a blog! That’s amazing. We’re almost two years out of our first trip in our tandem but I’m only now getting around to writing about it. Kayaking with my husband has been many great date nights/relationship building experiences. Have fun!

  3. (I’m still learning how the blogging world works and see your full blog now – not just a kayaking blog like I thought 🙂 Doesn’t change anything except to say, keep it up! It’s easy for all of us to find excuses not to get everything out and go.

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