Mother’s day is everyday!

    I skipped posting on mothers day for a reason, I believe mothers day is everyday and not just a single day out of the year where you get a bunch of gifts.

I am so blessed and thankful for my amazing mom, she is one of those beautiful souls that is full of goodness. She was a young wife and young mother yet I couldn’t ask for a greater mom. God gave her to me, and thanks to her I am who I am today.
Mother’s day is a beautiful day because it pays tribute to moms yet I think we should be paying tribute every day. This are women who never stop working, being a mom is a 24/7 and they should be appreciated daily.

Mothers day is just one day, what about the rest of the year?

When I became a mom my heart filled with the most unique kind of love for my son. I knew that for him and with him I could do anything, there is no limit for the love of a mother.

Being a mother is not a perfect science, we don’t get an instruction manual and we all have different parenting styles, yet we get small gifts everyday, with a smile, a hug, a kiss, that late cuddle where your son tries to fit in your chest as he did when he was a baby and in all those little things our kids show us their genuine appreciation for us and that to me is worth more than any material gift.

My husband has always been a man that has always gone the extra mile to remind me how grateful he is for having me but since we had our son he goes above and beyond to show me daily how Thankful he is to have me as the mother of his child. Again, even though sometimes he gets me material gifts (which are great) what I love the most is that he helps me all the time with the things that matter, like the house, or doing the dishes after I cook, cleaning up a certain mess that our son made after I had fixed it and even to the point of taking our son to the park so mommy can have a few minutes to just relax.

Those are the ways that I feel more appreciated, a gift once a year can bring instant gratification but is not going to make any difference to me if I don’t feel helped and appreciated thought the rest of the year.

It’s easy to go out and buy a gift, yet is hard to lend a hand and to pay attention to someone’s needs.

Mothers day is every day just like fathers day, is a constant appreciation of who we are as parents and as a family.

So make your parents feel appreciated every day!

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day!


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