My Favorite Contouring Kits

There has been this rage for a while now about contouring and now, every makeup brand has a contouring kit out. I love to lightly contour my face when going on a night in town or a special event. The reality is that when you contour you pack a lot of makeup in your face and your makeup can look caked up if not careful.

I prefer contour powders, even though I do own some creams and sticks but I don’t use them as much.

Depending your skin tone you will choose your contouring kit or contouring products.

Here are my contour powder favorites;
hoola bronzer
Hoola by benefit – this is by far my favorite bronzer yet in my skin this color works beautiful as a light countering. If you are fair or light and even if your somewhat tan this will give you a natural contour.
-Kat von d – her line has a contour kit that is the bomb, the powders are buttery and blend like a dream.
-Anastasia contour kit – another favorite of mine, this one comes with different shades to match your skin color plus highlighting shades as well. This is as of late a favorites.
_NYX cosmetics contour kit. This is more budget friendly and it comes with a 8 shades four contours and 4 highlights, to get that perfect match

In the end finding a contour kit that works for you it depends on your personal needs, I love makeup and that’s the only reason as to why I have more than a couple kits. Oh and remember the key to getting a natural contour is to blend and then blend some more.

Hope you enjoy reading this, don’t forget to like this post and leave me a comment letting me know what products you use for contouring, i am always in the market to try new products.


Hope this helps you pick a contour palette that works for you

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