Living an Elegant Life


Hi Lovelies,

Elegance is something we have lost in this modern world, we now use the word to describe expensive clothes, yet what not many realize is that elegance is an art, a way of life, a mind set. Elegance to me is simplifying everything, a less is more approach, and I am slowly learning how to incorporated it fully into my daily life.


Here are a few ways of the top of my head of how I bring elegance into my home and my life.


– Keeping my home clean and organized – this is incredibly hard to do with a 3 year old. My husband and I try to leave all clean and organized every night. Waking up to a clean home makes morning easier and happier.


– Take care of yourself– By this i mean I mean wear something other than sweatpants and put on some light makeup, make sure your nails are kept, your skin is hydrated etc. When I look put together I feel better about facing the day.


– Exercise – this is so important for over all health.


– Healthy food – your body is a machine and it needs the right foods to function to its maximum potential. I love to cook simple healthy meals that i can enjoy with my family.


– Financial Freedom – by this I mean be free of debt. When you don’t have to worry about making payments to credit cards you feel better and freer knowing you don’t owe money to anyone and you can use that extra income in what you really love.


– Quality vs. quantity- when it comes to buying things whether be it clothes, accessories or house stuff, it all goes down to what your budget looks like. But always try to get good quality pieces that will last longer.


– Better yourself everyday- self-growth is so important, There is so much to learn and now days information is readily available. Whatever you decide to do with your life remember knowledge is power, so prepare yourself.


– Have self confidence – Value yourself above anything else, accept yourself and love yourself. confidence is not comparing or wishing, is more about being happy with who you are as a person and knowing that is okay and welcome to want to improve yourself.


– Take care of what you already own- we live in a time where everything is disposable so we really don’t take care of what we own. When you actually value and take care of what you own you wont need to keep replacing and spending extra money that could be going to savings or something else.


– Be kind to others- how you treat others mirrors who you are as a person. It doesn’t mean that you have to give in to everything it just means to be cordial.


– Value moments- If there is something I have learned since I became a mom is that time goes by really fast, so cherish every moment.


– Be thankful- Be thankful for all the good and bad in your life, try to see the positive sides of everything and when its needed learn the lesson.


This are just a few of many others, Living an elegant life means living a fulfilling life while looking and feeling great while at it. It doesn’t mean being or acting perfect, it means that is ok to be imperfect because it makes us unique, it just means that you will look at life with a positive outlook and hope for the best. As I learn how to incorporate elegance into my life, I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.


I hope you enjoy this post!



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