Travel Bucket List

Hi Lovelies,

At the beginning of 2017 we made plans to start traveling, we had accomplished all we had set up for us, started a family, bought a home, etc, so we decided that it was time for exploring the world. After much talk we came to the conclusion that we could do two big vacations a year.

Our first trip was a Paris/Rome destination for this year valentine day…. It was an awesome experience, so romantic.


We were able to get our next vacation for the end of October 2017, so we are going to go on a cruise and visit Mexico.

Yet For the past few days my husband and I have been planning the next trip, which will be next year we keep going back and forth on different destinations and we ended up making a list of the places we wanted to visit in our lifetime, so why not share it with you all.


This list by no means will be in any specific order, but they are the destinations that we will be picking our next trip from.

  1. Ireland
  2. Scotland
  3. The country side of Italy
  4. the country side of France,
  5. Greece, Athens in specific, but also the greek islands during summer time.
  6. Egypt
  7. Spain, because of family ties and history.

I think is so important to write down the destinations where you want to go,  is like getting closer to actually going.

Hope you all enjoy my list and if you guys have any suggestions of places to go don’t forget to leave it in a comment down below.





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