How to style a pair of shorts in different ways.

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This post was inspired by a friend and fellow blogger. We went shopping at H&M (at completely different times) and ended up picking up the same pair of shorts (great minds think alike right?!).

This is something that happens so much, especially because H&M is an affordable, accessible, trendy place to find the cutest outfits and yet stay on a budget.

So how can we make one piece of clothing look different, simply by learning to Style it in  different ways, hence this post, enjoy;

Tip No. 1 high-waisted shorts look amazing with cropped tops. I saw the shorts in the store for the first time, I thought they would look so cute with a flowy top that I had just purchased a few days back. (check the first picture).


Tip No 2.  The shorts have black stripes so it’s a given that it can be pair up with a black t-shirt, I preferred it tucked in and picked one that has a silky texture and it’s so comfortable and breezy. Then I added a pair of black sandals, in my case I liked how it looked with the gladiator style.


Tip No. 3  Use a belt instead of the one that comes with it and used with any t-shirt, depending on your body shape you can wear it tucked in or out or halfway, in this case, I paired it with some flat espadrilles for a chic but still comfortable look.


Tip No. 4 What doesn’t look good with a chambray shirt? There are so many ways to use them, yet I love the tied in the front look, it goes great with high-waisted shorts and black espadrilles to complete the look.

I’m hoping you enjoyed this post and ideas if you did don’t forget to like and leave me a comment of which one was your favorite or how you would style it differently?



The pieces used or similar are linked bellow:

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