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I wanted to touch on the subject of positiveness.  Not the happy face 24/7, or the fake face that you put on for the world. But genuine positivity, the one that is contagious, the one that brings inner peace.

Life is like a crazy ride, is never going to be perfect and we all have problems and issues to deal with at the end of the day. But focusing on the bad, it creates a cloud of energy around you that is a 100% negative. When you are in that state, you start attracting the wrong things to your life and with that more complications.

If you focus every day on being grateful for the little things in life, for being alive and healthy, for your family, for the food on the table or even what you do have instead of what you don’t,  I feel like things run smoothly. Having a positive mind frame since the moment you wake up, creates a real bubble around you and where only good things can get thru.

Honestly, I wasn’t always so Positive, but as you grow you learn and realize that life is better when you have a positive outlook.

Here are 3 things that  I keep in mind when in the middle of adverse situations.

1. I tried to think of how my reaction is going to change the position if it’s gonna better it or make it worse. (sometimes I just go off too, let’s be honest no one is perfect)

Some people don’t like to hear solutions, they are so tied up to their way of thinking, to their negative ways that they really don’t see a way out. In those times is better to step back reassess and then try again, by then with a clear mind and with positive views that will help the situation.

Remember if you react negatively,  things can only get worse, but if you respond positively in search of a solution, of a way to fix whatever is broken… things will just get better.

2. If the problem is with a person, I try to put things into perspective, the reason for their attack or their negativity. I usually just try to get myself out of the situation before it escalates. Remember that maybe they are going thru a rough spot themselves.

A few years back there was a person that was set in disrupting my family’s life, I would lose patience and didn’t want this person anywhere in sight or near my house. There were times that I would think that this person actually believed that what it was doing it was correct,  yet with no communication between the parties and just exchange of negativity, we couldn’t move forward. By focusing on the negatives we couldn’t explain our side of things or hear this person’s either and things would just escalate, and the one innocent person in the situation was getting so hurt, so we did what would put an end to it entirely and removed ourselves from the equation.

I learned that there are some situations that you just need to separate yourself from and let the dust settle, in the end, it’s always easy to see better when the air is clear.

3. For the days when I just feel off, I turn to yoga and meditation.

In no way shape or form am I an expert in yoga, but I love practicing, letting my body take different positions while rhythmically breathing….as I focus on that everything else just disappears, I always feel like a new person once I’m done. When the time is short, a few minutes to meditate always clears my mind.

 I remember my grandma teaching me meditation techniques when I was 12 or 13 I didn’t understand it then, the idea of staying still for a long time didn’t sound appealing. But as I got older, I found myself yearning for that quiet time. Now it’s a way to calm a busy mind, to just let go.

I wasn’t always like this and to be honest is not something easy to do especially when things are going wrong or when people do stuff to hurt you. But learning to react in a positive way to the bad in our lives it opens the doors for better things to come your way.

We have so much hate and negativity going around in our society as it is and adding more is of no interest to me. I try to surround myself with love and positive people only.

Hope you have enjoyed this post if you did, don’t forget to like it and leave a comment and let me know what are tips you use to stay positive when all is going wrong.



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