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*First of all Excuse the quality of the pictures*

Today’s topic is all about me and my journey to get back to a healthy lifestyle, a bit different than the usual beauty stuff, but that’s the idea with this blog going forward.

Before I even get started, I wanted to clarify that I know that I did not look fat or sick or anything of the sort, that’s not what this is about at all. I’m merely showing here how I lost my path and let myself get to a weak point where I wasn’t feeling good at all and my journey to get back to a healthy less rushed lifestyle.

In the picture you can see the difference, I was 125lbs pre-pregnancy, 126lbs after pregnancy, 160lbs a few months back, 145lbs currently.

I am aware that the weight gain doesn’t seem extreme at all in the pictures. Because of my height and the fact that I gained the weight gradually throughout three years and evenly all over my body, I hid it pretty well, but let’s be honest when you go from size 0 or 2 to size 8 it becomes evident to myself and my wallet.

Let’s go back to the beginning with a bit of a back story.

Let’s keep in mind that I’m pretty tall at 5’9″ and that I have always had a skinny frame. Since Little, I have always been a picky eater and never been one to eat a lot (sorry mom!), but I did love all the unhealthy stuff,  but I always ate them in small quantities since I filled up fast.

 Everything in moderation and with balance is the key, and that mind frame worked for me for the longest time.

When I got pregnant I weighted 125lbs, during my pregnancy I ate relatively healthy somewhere around 80/20.  I didn’t have any cravings until the end of my pregnancy. The day I gave birth I was 160lb, I think it had to do with all the Ice creams cones that I ate those last 2 months lol.

But even with the weight gain when I got out of the hospital, and back home, my weight had gone down to 135lb, and two weeks later I was back to 125lbs. I think it was a mix of breastfeeding and being sleep deprived because I wasn’t doing anything too special, I was eating as usual, and I could only go on walks since I had a C-section that I needed to recover from.

Fast forward three years later, I don’t know what changed, but we started eating out and ordering in and not going to the gym or working out at all… I slowly started gaining weight, to be honest, I’m surprised I didn’t go up to 200lbs with the way I was eating. It wasn’t enough that I was having to go up in clothes sizes but I also started seeing a massive lack of energy, getting tired doing things that usually wouldn’t tire me at all, having shortness of breath and just not feeling like myself at all.

Almost three months ago I said enough! I couldn’t believe I had let myself go up to 160lbs… I started to make some changes nothing radical, but slowly I have been able to change my eating habits back to what they used to be before… not eating out or ordering in as much. Cooking at home has become the norm again, and I’m always trying to make healthy options for my favorite unhealthy foods. I still eat foods that aren’t the healthiest but in smaller quantities, and not every day.

I have made it a priority of being more active, mostly with trying to get back into Yoga and some easy at home workouts, some days I make it to the gym, which is always a win.


So far I have lost 15lbs, gone down to a size 4 and my energy levels are up I don’t feel as tired as before, I just feel better all around. The truth is I’m not even going by what the scale says, but by how my clothes fit, yet I still like to keep track of my process by checking the scale.

I have a long way to go, but I’m in no rush, slowly but surely is always the best way to do things. When you are making a lifestyle change instead of a hardcore diet, the weight comes off slower, but it stays away and maintain it is not an issue, with a diet the weight you lost usually comes back the moment you go back to your old eating habits.

 I Hope you enjoy the little backstory and update, sorry that it was quite long so thank you for staying put and don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the weekly check-ins and all the other content coming up.

If you have any questions or tips leave it in the comments, I’m always open to suggestions!



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