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After looking and looking, I’m so excited to introduce our new family toy. A Rockwood HW277 Tent trailer, or as most people call it, a Pop-up camper!

First, a bit of a back story;

All of this came out because due to our schedule, we love camping, but with our 6-year-old in school, it made it harder for us to take off at whatever time to go on camping trips.

The only times we can now go camping is during the summer or certain weekends that my husband can take off, living in Florida and going camping in the summer is hell, it’s super hot, humid and just a complete nightmare altogether.

As we started looking at travel trailers, we made a list of what we wanted and needed. During the research, I came across the popup campers, and I fell in love… it was the best of both worlds… I still got to enjoy the tent and feel like I’m camping while having the amenities that we wanted like a bathroom and storage.

Since I wanted a bathroom with privacy, space, and an AC,  it left us looking at one type of popups, the High walls, I was impressed of how much they could fit inside a small box.


One of the things I was looking for was a used pop up, but not older than 2010 because I wanted to renovate it to my taste, and I knew that if we bought it New, my Hubby wouldn’t have let me do anything to it.

Since browns and dark colors are not for me, especially in such small spaces, we needed to go with a used one that I could change up and upgrade.

I was so happy that the Pop up we found was in Mint condition, everything works perfectly, the canvas was like new, just very dirty but that was an easy fix.

It is Huge inside, and so comfortable, its easy to tow and a lot easier to set up than a tent, just perfect!

So, we bought it and hauled it 4 hours back home, we parked it in the side of our house and opened it and have been working on it ever since. Its been a family project cleaning it and making changes slowly as our schedules allow.

I’m am completely happy with our purchase and so is my husband, our son can’t wait to go camping in it, so I have already booked a few trips for next year.

There isn’t a lot more to say about it, other than we are super excited!

Stay tuned, for the projects lined up, that will take to take to change our pop up camper to the way that I want it. I will be posting each step of this journey and our experience and the tips we learn as we go.

Can’t wait until is finished to start making some new memories.



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6 thoughts on “New Family Toy!| Family Fun

  1. Superrr nice!! Yay! Cant wait to go camping! This looks great and im sure will look even better after the remodeling! Super exited!!

  2. following you now, my husband and i bought one and we are still trying to figure out how we want to re do the insides.. our kids cant wait to go on our first trip. what have you used for cleaning the canvas?

    1. Awww thank you so much for following! we love ours, still working on it but I can’t wait for the trips we have booked for next year. there is a post going up late this week about the products we have used. It all depends on the level of dirt or if it has any water stains or so.

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