Tips to Help you Transition to Eating Healthy

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Hi, Lovelies!

So since I have been in this back to the healthy train, I wanted to give you some tips and tricks that have made the transition from ordering in and eating out to cooking mostly cooking at home flow easily for us.


  1. Do an inventory of the things you have at home, healthy and not so healthy. This will let you know what you need so you don’t end up buying too many things.
  2. Do a Meal plan. Meal planning has made such a difference for me. It has not only kept me on track but it has also saved me a lot of money and prevented waste.
  3. Do make a list when you go to buy groceries, even with a list I always end up buying too many extras. What works for me is using Amazon Fresh delivery. Every Sunday morning I get a delivery with all I need for the week and it helps me to not get anything extra.
  4. Do replace unhealthy foods for a similar Healthy version. Nowadays there are so many healthy recipes that taste super similar to most regular not so healthyย recipes. Try them out, and see which ones you like best. By doing this I never have cravings, and always feel great after eating them, instead of feeling heavy and bloated like with their unhealthier versions.
  5. Do get everyone in your house to eat the same food you are eating. I have found that it’s a lot easier and less tempting when everyone is eating healthy with you. It’s also better for your family and their health.
  6. Do try to be more active. You don’t need to jump in the gym wagon right away, but you can start by walking around the block every night, or doing squats or jumping jacks at home. I also recommend doing some yoga I love doing 30-minute sessions.
  7. Do keep in mind that portions are important, make portions smaller.


  1. Do Not go out and go crazy buying a bunch of healthy food… that’s what I did at first and not only did I spent a bunch of money but most of it went bad before I could get to it.
  2. Do Not go from eating not too healthy to healthy from one day to the other. This is a journey and like any journey it takes time. Pace yourself and Introduce healthier plates a day at a time.
  3. Do Not starve yourself!! this will only make you sick… and you will gain it all and come back the moment you go back to eating normally.
  4. Do Not tell yourself no! Changing things to a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean saying no to all the foods that you like, It means that you are finding healthier options to replace them with, or if you are still eating the not so healthy option, just eat less of it and eat it with no guilt, please.
  5. Do Not get obsessed with losing weight, the less you focus on losing weight and more on eating healthy and adding healthy habits to your daily, the weight will come off on its own

I could keep on going and going adding do’s and do not’s but I think its enough for today. I hope this gives you an idea on how to start introducing healthier habits to your day and will give you the push you need to get started in your journey.

If you are someone that hardly have time to go to the grocery store or know that you will end up buying more than you should, like me!

I seriously recommend trying out Amazon Fresh right now they are offering a Free Trial for those interested. I absolutely love their services and the ease of knowing when and exactly how much I will be spending as I add things in my cart.

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to leave any questions you have down below.



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