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Good morning Lovelies!

I’m so excited because by the time this goes up. We should be leaving on a short vacation completely kidless! It’s been a while since we had a couples get away and I just can’t wait.

One of my friends that have seen how I like to pack, told me that I needed to do a post about it. She was sure everyone was gonna love it, so here I am writing all about it.

To Be honest, there is nothing amazing about it, just being realistic about what you are actually going to wear, and yes I still take an extra outfit ”Just in case” lol.

So my tips for packing.

  1. Make a list! I can’t stress this enough, making a list changes the packing game completely and keeps you super organized.
  2. Pack accordingly to the days that you will be there. If you are like me that don’t like using certain pieces, plan for that.
  3. Try out the outfits before packing. This is a must for me, the times I haven’t…. I have ended up purchasing something extra simply because I didn’t like how the outfit came out once I put it on. So to prevent, try it on and make changes before packing.
  4. For makeup, try out different looks and same as clothes plan accordingly. It all depends on your style lately I have been going for a very natural dewy makeup look, spicing it up with a red lip and you have the perfect date night look!
  5. Toiletries, keep everything in travel sizes. I keep all sample sizes and travel sizes and always reach for them when we go on vacation.
  6. If like me you are taking cameras, think about what you will be using them for and if it makes sense to take more or less. Since I’m going to try to vlog this trip my canon was a must, also my Olympus Pen F is my favorite for street photography which is something I like to play with and honestly is just a beautiful camera all around. (Don’t forget all the extra batteries)
  7. Cables, pack them up in a see thru bag. This will keep them in sight and organized in one place.
  8. Packing cubes are something that I usually use, but I lent mines and didn’t have time to pick them up for this trip. The ones I have are great because they compress the clothes giving me a bit more space.
  9. Accessories, if you are a person that changes accessories with outfit do invest in a little jewelry holder. They will keep everything in one place and organized. Personally I stick to my studs and Apple Watch so not a must have for me.
  10. Be flexible, take an extra outfit, an extra pair of shoes! At long as it makes you happy that’s what matters. Good travels!

So, that’s it!!! Those are my tips and my guide to not overpack.

We have schedule a few trips during the next few months, so Im going to make this a series. I’m hoping to make this a space where I can keep record of our adventures.

If you are interested in the lists that I use to pack. Let me know in the comments down below and I will make them available for download. I have two, one for short and other for longer trips.

Thank you for reading!



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5 thoughts on “My Ultimate Packing tips | Travel Blog Series

  1. the tips are great! any chance putting links of where the stuff you use. I love the weekender and the toiletry and make up bag you are using!
    thank you!

    1. Yes!! One of my friends mentioned the same thing I will have a post up next week with the things I use for travel and all the links! So look out for that!
      Thank you!

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