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Hi, Lovelies!

If there is one thing everyone knows about me, is that I love reading.

My love for reading started when I was young and it just became a way for me to relax and just let my mind wander.

I love all types of books, mostly the entertaining type but from a few years to now I have been reaching for self-growth books, and financial books. I feel like those books can, in my opinion, give you different points of views, different ideas, they are books that you can learn from.

I love reading on my kindle for entertainment, love any other types of books better in the Audible app.

I have read many but only a few have made an impact on me and my life, I was able to narrow it down to only three of them;

The Five Love Languages: I absolutely love this book, I read it a couple of times before I got it in the Audible app as well. This book talks about relationships and how every person differs on how they express or recieve love. I love the stories in it, the theories and the way everything in it is explained and super easy to understand.

We listened to it together and put it to the test and It has made an impact in my marriage, it has also helped us be even more aware of each other’s needs than usual.

This book is a must-have for those in a relationship… It helps you find the “whats Missing”. Sometimes we get careless and don’t give the relationship the time, or attention that it needs and this book, gives you ways to get back in the right track, instead of just giving up.

The Total Money Makeover: This is a nonsense type of book, I love how crude and to the point it is. It’s mostly stuff that you know, that you don’t do because you let yourself be swayed by this consumers society. It’s a guide to get out of debt and be a successful guide. It has seriously changed the way we see money, the way we spend it, save it and the way we invest it… I do not agree with some of the order, so my husband and I have customized the program to work for us and our goals. I have gifted this books to several people, I think that if you want to have control of your finances and no debt, this is the book to get you started on the right path.

The Secret: I swear who hasn’t read this book? I read it several times before I decided to get it in the Audible app as well. Its change the way I see the world, it’s changed how I react to situations. This is one of those books that everyone should read or listen to, there is even a movie if you don’t like the first two delivery options.

Reading relaxes me, whether is entertaining or to learn something, either way, is very enjoyable to me.

These books have impacted my life so much, they have made me see everything in a different way and helped me become a better person all around.

Tip for reading this type of books, don’t take everything literally, see how it can be applied to your life, how it can help you when you go radical trying to do everything the book says it can end in full disaster. Use them as a tool to help you get better not as a blueprint to follow in all detailed, like a mindless puppet.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you did and like me you have books that have influenced you, let me know in the comments which ones and how they have helped. I am always open to new book suggestions.

Ps.If you aren’t the type to read much, you can always use Audible app to listen to different books. If you don’t have it yet they are offering two free audiobooks with your free trial, You can access it thru the banner down below or thru one of the links thru out this post.



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