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Hi, lovelies!

I’m so excited to talk about skin care! It is one of my favorite subjects.

I have a very troubling skin, combination to oily, sensitive and dealing with hormonal cystic acne, and thankfully the latest doesn’t pop up too often.

Getting my skin under control has been a journey, lots of research, talking to different dermatologists and even enroling in Esthetician classes focusing on facials and other skin treatments, merely to add to my knowledge of how to treat my skin.

I am a firm believer in preventing and that taking care of our skin is the first step to feeling confident.

These are my favorite skin care products, the ones I keep on my skincare drawer year round and have repurchased over and over again. I do alternate them depending on the weather and my skin needs. I don’t mainly stick to one brand since not every product usually works on me.

Cleansers: La Roche-Posay Cleanser, Bioderma Micelle Solution, Elemis procollagen cleansing balm, It cosmetic Bye Bye Makeup
  • Makeup Remover & Cleanser: It is so important to take off your make up at the end of the night. I like to go in with an oil or balm and take any makeup that I might be wearing. We don’t realize, but most of the time just this one step is not enough. Since I try to prevent breakouts as much as possible making sure my skin is clean is a must. So after makeup remover, I go in with a cleanser, some say that any face wash will work but I like this brands and in specific this one. Its gentle, and it leaves your skin feeling clean without that tight feeling that some cleansers have.
Toners: Indie Lee Toner, Thayers Witch Hazel.
  • Toner, its suppose to balance your skin and help at tightening your pores. So many of us skip this step, to be honest for the longest this was a forgotten step for me. I became consistent in the last few years, and these two are the one that has worked for me.
Elemis Eye Recovery Cream and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Cream
  • The under eye cream I Have been reaching for is the one by It cosmetics, it was part of a kit and I have been using it ever since ! It’s super hydrating and brightening. I use it every morning and at night I use the Elemis peptide 4 eye recovery. I tried another one from It cosmetics, and it was way too heavy for me, yet this one it is light and just fantastic. The Elemis one is amazing and the way I’m using them both in conjunction is working for me. I think an under eye cream is so important to use, taking care of that skin helps prevent and push back the lines.
Moisturizers: Avene Cicalfate, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, It Cosmetics Secret Sauce.
  • Moisturizer, I found the Avene Cicalfate due to research when I started using Retin A, and I swear it is impressive! Retin A can cause some dryness and peel or shed (not sure what word to use but it doesn’t hurt, it’s merely annoying) This is normal since your skin turnover happening faster, so to combat the dry skin I use Cicalfate, and my skin loves it, it doesn’t break me out, and hydrates without feeling oily. It’s recommended using this product after having laser and chemical peels done as well. The Charlotte Tilbury (use sparingly) and the It Secret Sauce travel size that came in skit and I have been trying out for the last couple of weeks are also great options if you have dry to combination to oily skin.
Sunscreen: La Roche Posay Anthelios 60.
  • Sunblock, this is an everyday thing for me, while using Retin A you have to use sunblock and make sure that you keep reapplying it thru the day. I have fair skin, and I have freckles, so protection is always super important. Apart from the fact that this also prevents immature aging. Daily I try to make sure that my face, neck, and chest area have a nice layer of SPF on. This one doesn’t break me out, and it’s so light I hardly feel like I’m wearing it. I go thru this little bottles so fast! They need to make bigger ones!
Night Treatments: Retin A (tretinoin cream) and Sunday Riley Luna Oil.
  • Treatments: Retin A or Retinol, these are the ones I like and use. Retin A, it’s a derivate of vitamin A, is usually used for a lot of different skin issues, some are; acne, it is great to control the oily skin types, melasma, rosacea, some even use it as an antiaging cream, but yes it does have a lot of other uses. (if you want something more detailed let me know and I will make a post about it) …  depending on the time of the year I use one or the other… Retin A is a prescription medication, and It has done wonders for my skin. Retinol is the same product in a much lower dose, and you can get it anywhere honestly, my go to is the Sunday Riley Luna Oil.
Lip Balms: Lanolips, Homeoplasmine, Bite Agave Lip Mask.
  • Lip masks, this is the part of the skin on our faces that we seem to forget when talking about skin care. My all-time favorite is the Homeoplasmine balm; I tried it once for the first time in Paris while looking for a solution for my cracked lips due to the cold, I have been in love ever since. Bite Beauty Agave lip mask is also great, and it gives a beautiful shine to the lips. Lanolips is a late discovery and is very similar in consistency to Bite beauty lip mask. These are the ones that work for super dry lips. I use lip masks like they were chapstick, instead of a night treatment.

So this is it! I hope you all enjoyed the sneak peek to my all time favorite products!

Ps. If you are having skin troubles, the best thing you can do is research and visit a dermatologist is always good to see a professional that can put you in the right path to fixing whatever issue your skin has.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to let me know in the comments!



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6 thoughts on “All-Time​ Favorite Skincare Products|Combination to oily

  1. I use the Retin A and its amazing as an antiaging cream. Im in my early 40’s and look like early 30’s I have been using it for 5 years on and off and wouldn’t change it. It even out my skin and have yet the need for botox. only downside using sunblock everyday but thats ok as long as i look young i dont mind at all. I also use it in my neck and chest. great stuff

    1. That’s great! I absolutely love it! I use it mostly as a cystic acne treatment which has worked wonders! Is always good to know that it will also keep me looking young!!
      Thank you for reading!

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