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Morning Lovelies!

Finding a gift for anyone is usually hard. I try to go building a list of things that I notice each person likes or wants. The person that I have the most issue shopping for is my mom she is so picky, and I hate shopping for her. Lately, she has been into makeup, and I know that she wanted some makeup brushes for some makeup products she picked up, so that’s one of the things that went to her list.

I like giving gifts that Iknow the person wants or needs and ultimately it will use and just won’t throw in a closet or drawer somewhere.

One tip that works, its simply to pay attention and make a list and adjust it to your budget.

So here are my favorites for the Beauty lover.

I love palettes, and I think they make the best gifts and I added the ones that I own and that I love and a few other bits that are always welcome specially to those that love makeup! 

I absolutely love Chanel when it comes to fragrances, that’s mainly the reason why I added them to the list…So… Here is my pick for the ladies in your life that love fragrances;

Hope these Ideas help you put together some gifts for the beauty lovers in the family.


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