Mom’s Gift Guide | Christmas Gift Series​

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Hi, Lovelies!

Here are some Ideas for the Moms in your life. Moms are always running, taking care of the kids, the house, the husband and on top of that a Job sometimes from home and others away from it. Don’t forget to make it extra special this Christmas for her.

1. Pampering Kit: Every mom Needs time for herself and with kids, its usually after they are sleep and the house is organized that we can finally take a moment to ourselves.
Here are the links to my favorite products, I know they would make awesome gifts!

LOccitane Holiday Nourishing Shea Butter Set • L’Occitane • $45

Nourishing Shea Body Care Collection • $74

L’occitane L’Occitane – Lavender Harvest Foaming Bath • L’Occitane • $39

 Shea Fabulous Body Duo • Butter Shoes • $78

Almond Body Care Trio • Almond • $142

Laura Mercier Souffle Body Creme Collection • Laura Mercier • $38.25

Laura Mercier ‘Almond Coconut Milk’ Creme Body Wash • Laura Mercier • $34

Laura Mercier ‘Creme Brulee’ Souffle Body Creme • Laura Mercier • $51

Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Honey Bath Creme • Laura Mercier • $45

2. Candles!: Yes, of course, it was gonna make it to the list, Candles is a must for the house, it not only gives an amazing smell to the home but it creates an ambiance. I linked all my favorite ones.

Jar Candle Serenity & Calm – Mind And Body By Chesapeake Bay Candle • $5.99–14.99

Jar Candle Awaken & Invigorate – Mind And Body By Chesapeake Bay Candle • $5.99–14.99

Jar Candle Strength & Energy – Mind And Body By Chesapeake Bay Candle • $5.99–14.99

WoodWick Large Hourglass Candle, Cinnamon Chai • Hourglass • $21.87

Le Labo Women’s Anis 24 Classic Candle • Le Labo • $75

diptyque Roses Scented Candle • Diptyque • $35–65

Voluspa Maison Candle • Voluspa • $28–68

Voluspa Mini Tin Candles, Set of 3 • Voluspa • $24

Thymes – Frasier Fir Pine Needle Decorative Glass Jar Candle with 50-Hour Burn Time – 6.5 Ounces • Thymes • $29.95

3. Frames: This is probably the weirdest gift ever for some, but I think it is so personal and it shows that you took the time. Grandmas usually love this type of gifts, just do make sure to take the time to put a picture in the frame. When choosing a frame please take care that it matches the rest of the recipient’s house.

Anthropologie Pressed Glass Photo Frame • Anthropologie • $18–32

14×18 Mod Square Gallery Wall Frame • $14.99

5×7 Iron Float Tabletop Photo Frame • $9.99

8×10 Metal Geo Floating Photo Frame • $9.99

12×12 Narrow Matted Extruding Gallery Wall Frame • $12.99

8×10 Thin Metal Frame • $14.99

4. Jewelry: Who doesn’t like jewelry! I think dainty jewelry make beautiful gifts that make a statement. The right piece of jewelry can express many things to the recipient. These are some pieces that I love.

5. A Kindle: Left this one for last because if I had to choose a gift for myself this one would be it over all the others then again I adore reading.   Most moms I know, like myself they love reading, but they don’t get to do it often due to the fact that a mom of small kids we know that having books anywhere, It means that at some point in time those books will be destroyed.  The Kindle solves that, you can keep thousands of books in it and it marks where you left off reading even if you are on a rush and it’s not as user-friendly for kids as the iPad is, so it will be safe from all the sticky fingers.

Hope you enjoy these Ideas to Help you with all or part of the gift for all the moms of your life.



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5 thoughts on “Mom’s Gift Guide | Christmas Gift Series​

  1. Great ideas! loving the candles and the frames. My mom already owns a kindle and she loves it. It was a gift that we gave her a year ago for mothers day!

  2. Thank you for the Ideas, the dainty jewelry pieces are too cute sent this to my bf so he could get some ideas lol

    1. Lol yess! Glad you liked it and thank you for sharing it! I put a few things I want there for my hubby as well. 🙈🙈

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