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Hi, Lovelies!

I’m so excited! I finally decided to start posting daily for the Month of December!!

I will be uploading different gift guide Ideas, as well as other normal types of videos. So bear with me while we get thru all the Christmas gift Ideas for all the different categories.

Let us get started with the gifts that are more for the home or just more practical in general.

CrossCore180 Rotational Bodyweight trainer: this something I use myself and absolutely love it! as a mom, we hardly have time to go to the gym, and we are always complaining that we are losing our shape or that we want to be in shape but we don’t have the time. This can give them a full workout in the comfort of their home, it is the perfect solution and I think it makes a cool different gift.

iRobot Roomba: I think this would be a very welcome gift for any mom… Who doesn’t love having a clean home without having to actually do the cleaning yourself. My mom owns one of this and she adores it.

Slow cooker: I am a firm believer in slow cookers, they are amazing for the busy mom (which is every mom) they just simplify lunch or dinner time. The Instant Pot in specific is favorite and the one I use because it is all in one, slow cooker and a pressure cooker as well as other stuff. This is a gift that will simplify cooking time for anyone. I personally own two in different sizes.

Vitamix: This is not just a blender this is a powerhouse machine. It does so much, from super creamy smoothies to sauces, soups and even desserts, it makes eating a variety of healthy foods so easy. I own one and I kick myself every day for putting off getting it for so long. the one that I linked is on the budget side but to be honest it pays off on its own and it also has a great warranty. I think this is a gift that anyone would love!

Echo with Alexa: this is the must-have for the tech-savvy home and it makes an awesome gift. You just ask Alexa and you can get her to Play music, tell you the time, give you whatever information you ask.

There are so many other options I swear the list could go on and on but I picked the ones that I believe that everyone should own and have in their house. They simplify the everyday routine and I’m all for that.

So thank you for reading and hope all the lists are giving you some Ideas.



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