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Welcome back lovelies!

Finally, we got to Guy’s gift list.

My hubby was telling me how must of the list I have posted have geared towards the woman, so here I am posting one for some ideas of what to get your hubby, your brother, your son, your dad, or just any other guy in your family.

I will be honest shopping for my husband is always a mission. I’m the easiest person to shop for but him not so much.

So if you struggle like me here are some Ideas of Gifts he might enjoy:

  1. Wallets: my husband loves nice wallets, and I Believe that it makes a perfect gift. Here are a few that he likes;
#1 Monaco Global Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket, #2 Derrick’ RFID Leather Bifold Wallet,#3 Horseferry Leather Wallet,                    #4 Logo Leather Bifold Wallet, #5 Derrick’ Leather Front Pocket Bifold Wallet

2. Perfumes: You can’t go wrong with a Scent. I mostly give them as gifts to the husband and my dad. Some of my favorite ones are:

#1 Replica Jazz Club Fragrance #2 BLEU DE CHANEL #3 Clean & Cool Body Basics Kit#4 L’Homme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum

Watches: My husband has a collection, and my dad loves them too. A watch is a beautiful gift, and if you add a personalized inscription, it makes it that much more personal. Some that I have gifted are:

#1. Chrono XL Collection Chronograph Bracelet Watch #3. The Sentry Leather Strap Watch
#4. Blacktop Chronograph Bracelet Watch #2. Bold Chronograph Bracelet,
Clothes or Shoes: clothes for men can be the fastest gift yet…. you see what they usually get and match the style. Everyone has a different style but if you Pay attention you shouldn’t have a problem.
#1 Burroughs Chelsea Boot #2 Turtleneck Sweater #3 Blaze Chukka Boot

Accessories: Some random other things that can be given as gifts as well. The earphones for the gym-goer, the sunglasses in the aviator style that fits everyone, Belts are also a super easy gift get a classic style that most guys like, and the decanter set is just another easy gift this one in specific for the whiskey lover.

 #1. Standard Original 58mm Aviato#2. Tipsy Whiskey 5-Piece Decanter Set #3. SoundSport® Wireless Headphone                    #4. CHECK BELT 

Other Ideas are:

Focused Gifts: If the man in your life have any hobbies that he enjoys is a great idea to buy him something related to it. There are so many options whether that’s for camping, fishing, photography, playing an instrument, or any other. Just take the time and think about what the person would enjoy and use.


Hope you all enjoy this post and find the list somewhat helpful.



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  1. Really like how easy and to the point this guide is. My husband and dad are both getting something from here.
    thank you

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