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Hi, Lovelies!

As the titles say, we are talking about Christmas traditions today, or in our case about our Christmas tree tradition.

My boys helping me put the Christmas tree up!

There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my family putting up the tree. Its the one activity that I look forward to since the beginning of the year.

I’m one of those that put it up way too early, and to be honest I don’t care.

Christmas is the only time were our house is filled with lots of colors, and so many decorations, we usually keep a very minimal decor, for the rest of the year.

I still remember a conversation that I had with my husband a few days after getting married we were in bed just planning our future.  We wanted to start a tradition that when we were old looking back, it would tell a story, something we could pass down to our kids, a tradition that they would keep on practicing with their own families. I can say that we talked about the ones we wanted to start, yet one of the few that stuck, was to build a collection of ornaments that we could collect thru the years, marking different memories and crucial times in our lives.

Our Most important Ornaments always centered and grouped in the center. Here, we have our first ornament, the ornament that represents when we bought our first home together, family pictures made into decorations and some extras as well.

Our tree is full of memories; it goes all the way back to our first Christmas together, the ornaments keep track of each step of our Journey and every important event in our life.

We met at the end of February and got married in November of the same year. Yes, it was fast but when you know you know, and for us, it was the right decision.

Our first Christmas together was rough; we were in our first apartment together, had just bought furniture and things for it in conclusion, we were tight with money. With all that we had going on, we had to be careful with how we put on our budget for Christmas time.

With the tree things usually get expensive fast, so we needed to get creative with how we were going to start our Christmas tradition without spending too much.  A couple of ornaments we got from our parents, symbolizing our past. We kept is simple it was full of inexpensive balls that we found in a thrift store and maybe a couple of actual ornaments that were what started our collection.


By our second Christmas, I was expecting our son and I was super excited.  On our first few years, we used to get real trees and it was so very messy and not very stable (which was probably our fault).

We added to the tree some glass balls that had angels inside they came in a package of 6 and by the time we took this picture the tree had fallen like two or three times, and it had broken three of them. (real trees are not very stable)

Currently, only two of those Glass decorations are still surviving and thankfully even part of the collection.

That year also added some Disney ornaments as well.

Apart from the height difference of the trees they looked very similar as you can see.

By our Third Christmas we had Lukas already, and that year we decided to make it fun and add some of the cars that had been gifted to my son by my mom. Since he was way too young to play with them, he didn’t mind. As you can imagine, they became part of the tree, and he never did get to play with them. They look so cute in the tree, and I couldn’t imagine it without them.


All of the Plush toys that were hanging from the Winnie the Pooh theme mobile on top of my son’s crib, made it to the tree and it’s now something that reminds us of when he was born, and all of those first moments with him.

As you can also see in the picture, there are superheroes, wood toys that have been collected from those Christmas booth when you go to do the Santa pictures, and a collection of Disney ornaments from every visit we make to the parks.

From every trip, we have taken we have an ornament to remember it by.

Some people collect shot glasses we collect ornaments.

We also love the different Santa ornaments there are so many, we have come from a lot of different periods that I enjoy hunting to add to the tree


We have one from the different places we visited in Europe, the times we have gone on cruises, we have gotten an ornament from each different trip long or short.

One that was super special was when we spent one Christmas in a cabin in Tennessee. I have never been to a cabin on a mountain, and to me, it was a super cool experience.

In this picture, you can see our love for ginger cookies, some ornaments from Disney, Pictures from different years, some handmade in school by our son, even one of the ships from a cruise we went in. That glass ball with the Eiffel tower is one of my favorites because it takes me back to when my husband proposed down on one knee for the second time in Paris right in front of the tower, super romantic!

 We have a lot of homemade ones; they are projects that we like to do together, we have handprints to getting those ornament kits, some are for painting others are for building little ornaments. Some are DIY’s but they are so much fun to do, and we make sure to add the year to it.

We aren’t the best at it, but we do have a lot of fun making them.

We have yet to do a project this year, but it’s in the schedule for this week already.

On this picture, you can see one of my husband’s ornaments from when he was younger we have a few of them on the tree, and a new one is commemorating our new Popup Camper.

This Santa is a new addition to us, it was given to us my mother in law, and I love it because it talks!

We have collected a lot of ornaments! Each of them telling a story and reminding us of everything we have gone thru and how far we have come.  I honestly can’t wait for all the ones we still get to collect as we go on new adventures and make new memories, and I hope that as our son and future kids get older, they will keep on this tradition alive for the generations to come.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Remembering our blessings and sharing them with family?

So this is it! I hope you enjoyed our ornament hoarding tradition and thank you so much for reading until the end. I would love to know what traditions do you have in your family and if you have started one of your own, so don’t forget to comment down below!



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