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Hey, Lovelies!

We are already in a countdown with the last two weeks of December; it is insane how fast this year has gone by, I can still remember how excited I was for 2018.

Now looking back to everything that we have gone thru this year, I’m thankful that is almost gone. It was a challenging year, but we still going strong and I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings.

However, before we can start planning for next year, its time to go thru the resolutions that I made at the beginning of this year and see where I am with those goals.

I honestly only had three goals;

-I wanted to adopt a more minimalist

-To tried to get healthier and start getting fit.

-I try to make some changes to my daily and be more environmentally aware.

I have to say that did I start pretty good, but then our lives did a 180 turn, and everything just was upside down and incredibly hard for a while.

About almost five months ago I got myself back to a normal routine and decided to recheck the goals that I wanted to achieve this year.

  •  The minimalist ideas: Taking a minimalist approach to life is not as easy as it sounds, it is to make a complete lifestyle change. I can say that I’m still at the beginning stages, I have done some of the steps, mainly I have decluttered a lot, I have sold, gifted and donated much stuff that I don’t use, or it no longer fits me. With decluttering you get a lot more space around your home, I hate clutter and love the light, and that’s what I’m trying to achieve with this. One big thing I’m trying to go by is being more aware of the things I bring into the house. However, I have not gone to the extremes. I feel like this is something I will keep on moving forward within 2019 and see where it takes my family and me.

One thing I need to get better at is documenting the process its insane the difference that it makes, and the before and afters are usually amazing!

  • Healthy and fit Goal: A few months ago, I started getting back on the healthy wagon, and I have seen incredible changes so far in my health and my body in general. I can officially say that I made a complete lifestyle change when it comes to the food that is brought into my house and I’m healthier now than I have been in a while. Not only have I lost weight going from 160lbs to 138lbs and toning up my body but as a result I have gotten more energy, been more focused, I feel stronger and healthier all around.

Taking care of your body is an essential step to feeling good all around.

  • With adopting a more eco-friendly approach: I think it is still a work in progress, I have had to our daily one step at a time because it adds a step of two to your routine. I did change a few things, like the plastic shopping bags for reusables, I have been using a lot fewer paper towels and more reusable ones. I try to be more aware of the ingredients in the products I use, I make or chose the most natural cleaning products.  I opted for glass over plastic a long time ago and had stuck to it. I have been making it a point to use every little drop of all products before replacing it and have also been more aware of the trash and the things that belong in the recycling bin.

I can honestly say even though I could have been farther along each goal, I’m not too disappointed to where I got with my goals. With everything this year threw at us, we were able to still work on our resolutions and the changes are big enough to still make an impact in our lives.

One thing I’m super excited about was how I got so inspired to start writing again on the blog and that the changes I have done to it have been for the better. Its slowly taking shape and I’m thrilled about it, specially since I’m seeing growth and results due to continuous content going up on schedule. I have found my rhythm and timing that works with my job and my family.

In a more motivational note, if you didn’t get to achieve the goals you set yourself don’t get discouraged sometimes life has a way of taking your plans and throwing them in the trash… just keep on pushing and trust in yourself never giving up.

So that’s it for me, let me know down below What were your goals for this year and if were you able to achieve them? Where are you at with them?

Thank you for reading!



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8 thoughts on “The 2018 Resolutions That I have Achieved | Blogmas

  1. I love how you were able to meet all or some of the goals you had. I never do resolutions but this year I think I will copy your way and choose only a couple and see how it goes. BTW I’m really enjoying the different subjects and that you started posting daily! keep it up Great post!

  2. You’ve achieved a lot girl, you never séase to impress me keep on the great job and I think you forgot one there you’re leaving each day a little grain a mark towards positively influencing people. 💕

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