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Hi, Lovelies!

I have to say that posting daily it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, but here I am once more trying to keep up

So let’s get into it. Today I’m going to show you the products I have in my Makeup bag. By makeup bag I mean the pouch I keep on my purse 24/7. I change those products probably every three weeks or so depending on the weather, my skin and even the outing.

My makeup bag is by no means luxurious, it was sent with some samples or something like that a few years back, and I loved that it was see thru and small enough to keep in my purse while being big enough for all the essentials.

So it Immediately became the bag for my essentials. Click Here for one of many options like mine.


The It Cosmetics CC+ original  is by far my favorite CC cream of all times; I keep on repurchasing it.

Starting with the fact that it has an SPF of 50+ which is a must for me to keep me protected at all times. It also works as a hydrating cream, and it has anti-aging properties.

The coverage is excellent and it can be layered to get full coverage if applied with a brush. I usually use my fingers, so I only get a very light coverage but enough to give me a more even appearance.  I don’t like the full coverage look for me; I’m into a more natural look as of right now.

In my opinion, it is excellent for dry to combination skin, but the good news is that they have the CC cream Oil Free Version which is excellent as well for those with an oilier complexion. I use the oil-free version when I’m not using Retin-A, and my skin is at my usual combo to oily skin range. At the moment I am Using Retin-A, so this is perfect since my skin is a bit drier than usual.

I have fallen in love with this By Terry concealer. It has such a light consistency and blurring effect that I feel like its just perfect to brighten the under the eye.

Thankfully I do not have an issue with my under eyes, so I do not use full cover concealer there. I like concealers that give you a blurring effect while highlighting the skin; this one does a fantastic job at it while still looking like I have nothing on my face. Since I love a more natural look, I feel like By Terry concealer is just perfect. Oh and did I mention that has Anti-aging properties as well?

I love the Supergoop sunscreens in general, but this one is great for the days that I don’t want to put any makeup on. I still get the SPF coverage.

It is also amazing under makeup, and none of their products smell like sunscreen which is a plus in my book.

I’m super picky with my the sun, and my skin as you guys can see, but I have to be extra picky with the sunscreens I use because it can trigger some cystic acne.

This palette from hourglass is fantastic it has a bronzer, blush, and highlighter it is small and compact, and the product blends amazingly.

I love cream products they give a much more natural look, and they are super easy to apply with just your fingers, and they wear great throughout the day.


It cosmetics brow Power is great for eyebrows on the go. I feel like this is great for a natural brow where you are just filling in some.

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills product for a more defined brow, but this one by it cosmetics is amazing for a more understated look.


One more by Supergoop is this Lip and Cheek Treat. I love this as a blush it gives such a natural color and with SPF as well, so that’s always a plus.

It can be used on the lips as well, which is not only great for protection but also to have a lovely hydrated lips with a rosy hue.



I like to keep a bite beauty mini on hand, I like pinkish colors, they are so cute this one in specific its the same shade of my lips which is insane, but I love it for those days when lip Balm is not enough.

Bite beauty makes amazing lipsticks they are creamy and pigmented with a great color selection.


I have a bunch of favorite lip balm products ones this one by Lanolips in specific is the one currently residing on my makeup bag. 

It is excellent for keeping your lips hydrated.

Another one that is in my Kit and I didn’t photograph is Homeoplasmine this balm is incredible I have one on each bag and just about everywhere in my house.

Not only for lips, but I also use it on my son’s scratches, my cuticles and so much more.

For the eyes the Tarte maneater mascara Its just perfect. I keep my eyes simple with just a good mascara and I love the travel sizes because they fit better in the bag and are more discrete.

Tarte makes excelent mascaras this one is amazing for volume and length, it doesn’t flake, and it doesn’t transfer on me.



I’m a big fan of Becca’s Highlighter; this travel size is always on my makeup bag.

I love highlighters how they can change your look even if you are wearing nothing on the skin; its a must have for faking a naturally glowing skin look when you are a tired mom that have a long list of things to still do.


Last product is my favorite hand cream by L’occitane the Vanilla Bouquet.

Hand cream is a must have for me I wash my hands quite a lot, and this can dehydrate the skin, so to combat that I carry this always.

On my besties introduce me to this brand, and I have been obsessed with it ever since. I love all the lines but of all the handcreams this vanilla hand cream one is a favorite.

When I picked the products to go in the bag, I make sure I can do a night look as well with it, just in case the need arrives. But other than that this is products that can help you look put together without making you look overdone. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about what products I carry around in my makeup bag. I love knowing what other people have on their makeup bags as well, especially since the ones that usually end up there are the ones that have multiple uses and I love seeing and learning new things as well as trying out new products that work on a pinch.

So If you feel like sharing what products have made it into your makeup bag do comment down below I would love to know and see if its something I should add on mine.

If you havent checked out my latest post click here to read it and don’t forget to come back for tomorrows new post!



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