How I travel on a budget!

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I am so happy to be back on schedule!! I took a bit of time to enjoy with the family and friends. Sometimes taking a short break makes the biggest of differences, but now I’m back with lots of new content, so make sure you subscribe!

Lately, I have been in a traveling mood, so much that we just booked a last minute trip for the end of this week and have another trip as well on february. Come Friday, we will be making our way to Italy with the plan of renting a car and going to explore the rest of the country.

Since I like to travel on a budget, I thought it would be a good idea to give you the tips that I use. Please keep in Mind that every Budget looks different for everyone. I like to use a budget for the trips we take because I like knowing where the money is going. Honestly, I hate expending extra money when I do not need to, that might be why I enjoy Budgets so much. This helps us go on vacation more often and splurge in other areas.

1. Have a traveling account:

More than having a budget, what makes things easier for me is to have a savings account that it’s just for traveling. Every month a percentage of our income makes its way into it just like some goes to the savings or the bills. This account has given us the freedom to be able to book last minute deals that we find and also prepare for bigger trips without having to use a credit card or having to have any payment plans.

2. Decide on a Budget:

Yes, having a travel account is not enough, you need to create a budget for the trip that you are booking, you need to know how much are you willing to spend if you decide on upgrading the flight, the hotel or the car. Also, decide on a daily spend limit, this will keep you organized and you will know exacly where your money is going.

3. Use the ATM to get local Currency:

Wait until you arrive at the destination to exchange money, using a local ATM whether in the airport or the city will give you the best rate compared to exchange houses or even the bank. Make sure that you check with your bank what fees they charge for international withdrawals and the fees of the ATM’s of the country that you are visiting. A lot of this information is available online making it a lot easier to be informed.

4. Be flexible:

I have found great deals for a trip and that by just changing the departing day to the day before or day after, I can save a few hundred. Other times, it has been that another destination has a much better price and I have made the change altogether. I want to travel the world one place at a time, so I’m flexible when it comes to the order that we do it. As long as I get to travel, I always choose the best price, saving every dollar that I can.

5. Travel offseason:

Not only you get lower prices, but to me, it is the perfect time to travel since I’m not the best in huge crowds. During the offseason, there are a lot fewer tourists around, you avoid crowds and lines, and in my opinion, you have a more enjoyable time.

6. Shop around:

There are so many websites online that can help you book your vacation, the one I use too look for extended vacations is they have so many different vacations packages for everywhere in the world already set up that take the planning stress out of it. After you picked the place to go you can always add or take out some of the destinations and customized the itinerary how you want. This is one is by far my favorite because is everything in one page and the prices I have found so far and amazing!

7. Pack light:

Lastly, I hardly check-in bags if I don’t have to, a carry-on and a hand Item is usually it for me. I feel like it gives me peace of mind to have my luggage with me. It’s also great because it forces me not to overpack, which prevents me from buying extras for the trip and remind me not to go shopping while abroad. 

8. Eat in local spots:

When we visit tourist locations, I have noticed that in a lot of the restaurants around those places, the prices are higher and the quality is not as good. We usually like to wander and find local gems that provide excellent food quality, for lower prices and away from the tourist atmosphere.

Ok, so that’s it! Those are some of the tips that I keep in mind when planning or going on a trip to not overspend. There are a lot of other things you can do to stay on budget. you can stay in Airbnb, hostels and lower the costs even more.

But for me, staying on a budget is more about knowing exactly where I’m spending the money. I prefer to spend on experiences instead of luxury accommodations or expensive flight upgrades. To each their own, that’s why you every budget is different and very personal.

Hope you all found it helpful and see you in the next post!



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11 thoughts on “How I travel on a budget!

  1. We love traveling on a budget as well, we started funding a travel account last year and that has been the best decision ever! Great post and welcome back!!

    1. Hi Lana,
      Same here, opening an account just for traveling was the best desision ever, It really makes things a lot easier.
      Glad you enjoyed it and thank you!

  2. Love the tips but please tell me how do you pack on a carry on?? I swear that’s impossible for me, I need to have options! can you do a post on that i would so read it! BTW Welcome back!

    1. Hi! Im glad you enjoyed it! thats how I was too! but traveling with less its ​just better, There is a post coming up on how I do it this week or next.
      Thank you!

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