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Hi, Lovelies!

So we just got back from Punta Cana, and since arriving, I have been on a decluttering mood.

I started this decluttering on Instagram and decided to make it a blog post as well.

In keeping this post honest, I will disclose that my collection has gone thru several decluttering sessions to get it to what it was before this last purge.

My goal was to get out all products that were expired, those that aren’t working with the changes in my skin and just things that I don’t reach for as much.

This Is the before picture with all sectioned out by categories

I don’t feel like the before was a lot…. but I know that it was more than I could use before they went bad so I reached for all that I use on the daily and everything else I put away to give to friends and family that I know will enjoy it more than me.

I hardly touched my foundations, but it’s mostly because I’m always between shades; it forces me to keep two of each.

My eye shadow palettes were reduced to a minimum since I hardly was them, I like natural eyes or very minimal eyes.

I love cream blushes, and I use them daily, but I did keep some powder blush palettes as well that I reach for quite a lot. Still putting a few in the donating pile, keeping only my must loved ones.

Liquid, cream and powder bronzers are a must for me, I’m quite pale, and I hide from the sun as much as I can so these products always save my makeup. I did give away some bronzers that I didn’t reach for as much.

Face palettes are a must for me easy for travel and for carrying in my bag for easy touch-up or for upgrading a morning look to a night look, so I kept those.

Face Powders, I hardly wear them, but I did keep the ones that I like the most for those few moments that I do reach for them.

For lips, I love nudes or pinkish colors with the occasional red. I have my favorites and hardly try new ones.

For eyes, eyeliners aren’t something I use, but mascaras are a must. Even though they aren’t needed at the moment since I have been using lash extensions which I adore!

So that’s it, this is all I was left with. Fully loving this product.

The after, here is everything that I will stay with.

It is a slow process, but I feel like I’m getting my collection to where I want it to be.

Also, to help me with my goal; I decided that until I run out of makeup, I won’t be repurchasing any more.

My Friends had laughed a lot when I told them, not quite believing I can stick to it. But I guess we will have to wait and see.

Reducing your things to a minimal amount is not as easy as it sounds. But I believe that by informing a no buy policy it forces you to push thru.

Well lovelies, I hope you enjoy this post and stay tuned for something similar but with skin care.



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3 thoughts on “Makeup Declutter | Minimalist Journey

  1. omg girl you’re my idol, this post is a must if only we knew how important is for us to go thru our make up every six months and check the dates and declutter as you do I believe our skin will be a bit more thankful to us. anyways just wanted to let you know you have such a great impact on us girls. It means a lot to get the advice from a real every day woman, wife and mom.
    Love this

  2. Honestly I don’t know how you can do it!! I can get rid of other stuff but makeup is such a weakness for me. Good job on your decluttering lol I’m enjoying these series!

  3. You are so brave I have gotten into minimalism but my makeup is the one area that I cant even touch. I have done two rounds and taken out almost a 30% from my whole house and its amazing how much lighter all feels.
    What else have you decluttered? and good luck on your journey!

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